VB msgbox not "coming to front" RRS feed

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  • We are running Server 2008 on 50+ remote locations.  Each one has a RPD setup to launch tserver and then automatically launch a Microsoft Access DB applicaiton.  Each user has his/her own copy of the database. (FE/BE setup) so each RDP points to a different folder/app.  One branch just started having a problem with the message boxes while using the application.  They do not "come to the front" anymore when my vbcode calls them.  They are there but are "stacked" or hidden behind the other form waiting for user input.  The users get confused and think the app is hung but really it is not.  However, they have no way to interact anymore.  This only occurs on one branch and only if the user logs in using the RDP file/setup.  If They log into terminal server directly and launch the app from their tserver desktop it works OK??  We are stumped here....tried reinstalling the RDP setup but same thing.  What could be different about how Tserver is launched between the two methods????  Could this be something with the client PC???
    Thursday, July 2, 2009 4:34 PM