Microsoft .Net Framework needs deleting and starting over because it is a mess RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have a Hewlet Packard Computer and it is about 10 years old. Recently I was having problems with it and so I did a HP Systems Restore on it. The Compurer Repair man came to my house later and said that my computer only had the Service Pack 1 on it and that it needed more, so he added Service Pack 3 I think it was. Anyway then something else happened later and everything on my computer wasnt acting right again. I had tried adding the Microsoft .Net Framework stuff to it, and I knew absolutely nothing about it all, in fact, I wasnt even aware of it being on my computer till the Computer man had come here. I dont even know what it is for.

    But anyway, at one point I had tried to just remove it all off my computer entirely, going to my Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs, then I tried some kind of a Clean-up tool but I dont think I knew what I was doing.

    The whole thing is a mess and this morning it was acting up again. Can you please help me to be able to get this all off my computer completely then to add it properly back onto my computer?

    Also, I noticed the little yellow shield on the bottom right corner of my computer keeps saying Ive got one update, then it tries to add it, and I think its the Framework thing and it fails. It says it is installing Framework 3.5 then gives me a Fatal Execution Error OX7927f276

    Then it pops up saying something about a debugger. Could you please help me with this? I'd really appreciate the help. I cannot afford a new computer right now and so I need to keep this one going as long as possible.









    Tuesday, August 31, 2010 10:39 AM