Windows 8 Feedback (on a netbook)

    General discussion

  • Using the Windows 7 utility to install Windows 8 from a USB key (get it here) I installed Windows 8 on my ASUS 1005PE-P netbook. Here is what I have found since then.

    * After a clean install the system forces a defrag. Uses a lot of resources on a small machine like this. Could the installer not install the files in order in the first place? Or otherwise provide some ability for the first maintenance be more verbose in its description before it is triggered.

    * Metro UI looks great, using Windows Phone 7 I really like the look of this. BUT, 1024 x 600 on the netbook (which W8 sees as 1024 x 768) is not enough to run any of the Metro style applications. If the hardware doesn't support it, can Windows automatically disable these tiles?

    * Start Menu is missing! I know it isn't missing but has been replaced by Metro. Metro UI works great with touch (or at least I can imagine it would, but my netbook doesn't support it). In this configuration the Metro UI is a bit annoying, specially when 90% of the tiles are disabled.

    * Can non-metro applications be auto-pinned to a start list on the desktop, so we have quick access to them without having to go intro metro to get to them. The alternative would be to pin all of them to the start bar, which would soon get too big I suspect.

    These are the main bits of feedback I have at the moment. I am really excited about the new UI, but there will be plenty of people upgrading with 'legacy' hardware which needs to still be a great experience.

    What does everyone else think?


    Sunday, September 18, 2011 11:54 AM