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  • Hi,

    I have been searching everywhere for a PDF viewer control for Lightswitch... (I am using VS 2012).

    I am aware that the Document Toolkit  is out there and I have tested it and it works really well for most types, but it just wont render my PDFs. Incidentally my PDFs are engineering drawings generated from a CAD package. 

    My current solution, witch isn't ideal for me, is, using the web browser control to display a PDF on a hosted directory thru IIS. Because I need a PDF linked to every single record on the table, it means I have to manage the URL paths to each PDF individually for every record. I would much prefer to store the PDF in a binary field in the table as I can manage it much more easily and it seems to be a cleaner method. I don't need any fancy mark-up, comments, etc.... Just a zoom in and out and rotate...

    I am hoping that I can use a silverlight PDF viewer control and manually bind it to my entity with the stored PDF. I am not an experienced developer and don't have any experience of XAML, other than binding a chart to my data. I really hope that there is some solution out there for me. 

    Any Ideas let me know...



    Thursday, July 5, 2012 8:22 AM


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