Sync blob storage between 2 different data center


  • I need to sync two blob storages that are located in two different data centers (Europe and Asia). I found this question on MSDN but at is more than one year old I hope that there's available a feature for this in the meantime.

    I will upload my files to the storage in Europe and would like to have it synced automatically to Asia.

    What would be the best way to accomplish my need?

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  • There is no service today to sync storage between two  storage accounts or between two containers.

    You will have to do it on your own: I can give examples:

    1- Create a powershell script that leverages Azure Powershell and that syncs your data.

    2- Or use Azure Automaton to run this script on a schedule

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  • I wrote a C# library for syncing earlier this year, but it might not be exactly what you are looking for. The idea is that files are stored in BLOB storage (the master)... then the library does the work of caching requested files locally on each node and keeping them up to date with the latest master version. So this isn't syncing between two blob storage accounts (although you could probably alter it to do that). I do think it does an efficient job of spreading the file serving workload across all my servers, but I use this for small files like images, rather than giant Gigabyte files that I wouldn't have room to store across a distributed network. Check it out maybe it will give you an idea...


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