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    I am thinking of creating a multi-player role-play game, in which each user runs a copy of the app, and one them serves as a server app, which syncs game strategies to all other users.

    I read on msdn that Bluetooth or Proximity can do this, I wonder any of you have any simple examples of this kind of game?


    Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology through which devices within a 10-meter proximity can communicate with each other. Using this technology, devices can communicate without a physical connection. Wireless headsets, remote control toys, and multiplayer games are examples of devices and apps that use Bluetooth technology. By using APIs introduced in Windows Phone 8, your app can communicate with another app or device over Bluetooth. For more info, see Bluetooth for Windows Phone 8.

    Windows Phone 8 supports Proximity communication using Near Field Communication (NFC). Proximity refers to a set of classes in the Windows Runtime that support connections between devices that are within close range of each other. By using this API, your app can establish a connection through a tap, or by browsing for other devices that are running your app—peer apps—within wireless range. For example, one of these apps might be a multiplayer game in which two users tap their phones together to establish a shared game session. To learn more about the Proximity API, see Proximity for Windows Phone 8.

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    Friday, August 23, 2013 8:52 AM