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    Hi All,

    I am (trying to) setting a backup regime for our small business server - Server 2003 SP2. Using the built in backup software.


    I originally set up to backup to the local drive and scheduled a robocopy to different workstations on alternate days. This sort of worked however there were a lot of backup failures which I suspect may have something to do with the "shadow copies" residing on the same disk as the backup.


    We have purchased several 160gig USB disk drives and am planning to alternate backups between two of them and a weekly backup for off-site storage.


    There are a few issues which I need help with:


    1. Can you have multiple backup configurations eg Mon & Wed backup to f:\ and a different one for Tue & Thu backing up to E:\? Another backup for Friday.  I am currently altering the "small business backup script.bks" file dependent on weekday. I am not sure if this best practice.


    2. Is there a way for the small business backup to validate the volume is the correct one for the day's backup?


    These are probably fairly simple  things but I have not had a lot to do with setting backups previously. Any assistance and advice gratefully accepted.




    Wednesday, January 14, 2009 11:20 PM