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    Hi Bjorn,

    Bjorn Tits

    I have a question about the compatibility with Server 2012 std and 2016 dtc.

    According to your description,in fact NLB between severs has no connection with types of local machine .Essentially, it is a connection with IIS. So it is obvious that you could connect two different types of  servers to accomplish load balancing and arr. 

    Else for ARR and Nlb,we could use iis to accomplish it,we could create a server farm for different servers.Then we need a proxy server to receive requests from client and send them to servers in server farm.

    Here is the link , I hope it could help you.


    Best Regards


    Tuesday, April 30, 2019 7:39 AM
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    Hi Able,

    thank you for your reply! That was very helpfull, but now we have the configuration issue.

    I don't know which senario to pick on the Microsoft guide.

    Let me explaine our situation.

    We currently have 1 ARR running on 2012std. IIS 8 is running on that ARR.

    In our Farm we have 4 webservers.

    So i guess the link you sended me is the thing we already configured.

    Our meanings are to create a high availability and scailability of the ARR's. What senario would be the best to created this, like I linked in my question.


    and would i be better to configure 2 new ARR's and then switch over the farm to those 2 new, instead of linking a 2012 std with a 2016 dtc?

    thanks ahead!



    Tuesday, April 30, 2019 8:43 AM
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    You should have an active /active setup as described the article.

    Than it spada the load over the 2 ARRs.

    Bth I sometimes find NLB a pain to setup as certain network equipment sometimes don't work well with it. But if you have no problems great go for it otherwise you might have change to network switches config, etc.
    But like said NLB is independent to IIS it just links 2 servers on a networking level.

    Personally I would have the same OS for both. It keeps things more sane.
    Also there are major advantages to Windows 2016 over 2012. The main one being HTTP 2.0 mixing this between clients requests will cause confusion and different ways the network communication work.
    Tuesday, April 30, 2019 12:25 PM
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    Thank you Rovastar,

    Could you give me an example of the thinks i might have to change when the NLB isn't working wel?

    and why is the Active / Passive not good?

    We have an other point of interest and that is the unicast and multicast option of NLB.

    what is your opion of that? wich is the best way to cast the NLB?



    Thursday, May 2, 2019 11:39 AM