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  • hi,

    I'm working on Windows work flow(Workflow1.cs) which is sequential workflow. I'm using the work flow(Workflow1.cs) in Windows forms. In first form i started workflow(Workflow1.cs)by creating an instance and started and sending mails in the codeacitivity of sequential work flow(Workflow1.cs).

    In the 2nd form i've to check the roles using the work flow activity (i used ifelse actity in the same Workflow(Workflow1.cs) by using the parameters.add("Role","Management") and started again. It's giving error. Because i already started the instance in the 1st form. How to execute the work flow which is already started. I mean to say is the 2nd state which is ifelse activity to be executed after the codeActivity.

    Can any one help me in this context?


    Give me some samples on workflow with database (sqlserver 2005) contains 3 to 4 forms.....in the sample..

    Thursday, February 12, 2009 1:45 PM