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  • Ok, this is very basic but I have been fighting the issue for a couple of days and can't find a good reference on the subject.  I need to send an outboud 277 Claim Acknowledgement from an input xml document.  We receive 837I and 837P documents then generate 277 xml during validation.  I have built the sample projects for "Using a Custom Pipeline Compoment for EDI Party Resolution" but I'm missing something very basic.  The property promotion occurs in the EDI pipeline so I don't see how I can apply that to my XML.  The properties being promoted are part of the interchange header which is constucted by the EDI pipeline.  The EDI schemas don't include the interchange so I don't know where or how to pass the DestinationParty properties.  I've been searching everywhere for a sample of taking XML and genrating an EDI document but with no luck, if someone has a link I would sure like to seem some examples.


    Tuesday, May 31, 2011 10:14 PM


  • Hi Jim,


    The properties which are exposed can be assigned to the same xml via orchestration.


    If you want these to be present in the 277 edi,  party has to be set accordingly and the

    destinationpartyid or name have to be promoted explicitly so that the message can have that party

    settings.Please mark as awnser if this is what you are looking or can you be little descriptive on the


    question .



    Thanks... SPN
    Wednesday, June 1, 2011 10:25 AM