where to get my frameworks and assemblies for my c # wpf project and accessibility with screen readers

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  • hi. well, had to modify the configNames.ini for my jaws screen reader, as when i try to search for a reference, i right click on my solution, and then click add reference, the reference dialog comes up, and when i search for System.Data, when i use the ocr function of my screen reader, from, i then hear no frameworks or assemblies for this project, Calculator, c # wpf, windows 8.1 / 10 universal apps. so, how do i get these frameworks and extensions and assemblies, and when i search, does not show it up in the list. any one got any ideas, any low vision or totally blind programmers here using a screen reader. help me out. marvin. or possibly maybe some one who i know or trust, who has knowledge in visual studio 2015 community and accessibility, maybe might be able to do a jaws tandem, basically i allow some one to remote into my machine, if they have the same copy of jaws 17 on their machine. any one able to help me out. marvin.

    Wednesday, December 30, 2015 10:25 AM