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    I have an InkCanvas that's hosting both ink and also Framework elements -- the elements are UserControls with a BitMap Image as content. I need to be able to reposition individual elements and ink strokes on the InkCanvas with either mouse or stylus. However, the standard selection behavior seems quirky at best. I was expecting similar behavior to Visio or the drawing tools in Word where you get a move cursor when hovering over the element itself and then direction cursors when hovering over the resize handles on the adorner.
    What I'm experiencing with InkCanvas selection is, when an Ink stroke or a group of elements is selected, you can click anywhere inside the selected area, although no move cursor is shown, and then drag the selected item(s) to a new position.  However, if just an individual Usercontrol is selected you can't click on the item itself, but have to locate a very small area in the shaded portion of the adorner.  For larger elements it's inconvenient at best; for smaller elements it's almost impossible to find the move spot.

    Is there anyway of customizing/fixing this selection behavior?




    Tuesday, January 27, 2009 2:04 AM

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