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    Please provide me answers to the below questions.

    1. How many types of Collation Sensitivity are there in SQL Server 2008?
    2. You have created an assembly that utilizes unmanaged code to access external resources. You need to deploy the assembly with the appropriate permissions. Which permission set should you use?
    3. How many indexes does SQL Server allow you to have on a table?  
    4. You are using TRY...CATCH error handling. You need to raise an error that will pass control to the CATCH block. Which severity level should you use? 5. Which constraint enforces that the column will not accept null values? 6. What allows a SELECT statement to get executed arbitrarily within the body of another SQL statement? 7. Name the specialized Inner Join which produces Cartesian product of tables involved in join? Regards, Gaurav
    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:22 AM


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