If I provision a 1 (100 DWU blocks) SQL DW compute with 1TB storage - do I still need SQL DB? RRS feed

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  • My proposed arch will follow an ELT approach:

    Use Azure Data Factory to bring data from source to SQL DW untransformed - lets call this data store 1

    Then use stored procs to transform the data into transformed data store 2 (relational data)

    Then use power BI to query data store 2 (relational data)

    My question: on the Azure pricing calculator you price compute and storage independent from each other: When I select 100 DWU block for compute and 1TB storage (which is quoted as "Storage rates are based on standard RA-GRS Page Blob rates") do I still need another separate SQL DB for data store 1 and data store 2; or is the relational data storage included as part of the storage component?

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    Monday, February 8, 2016 12:43 AM


  • Hi Etienne

    You would not need to provision an addition SQL DB for staging. 

    The SQL DW is a rational database (With some exceptions such as primary keys not being supported), you would be able to import data source 1 & 2 into staging tables and then use your stored procedures to transform the data into a more appropriate star (or snowflake) schema.

    SQL DW uses Azure blob storage to store the "data files" in this way they can be scaled up or down independently of the compute and even survive the SQL DW process being suspended. On that note it is not recommended that you use DWU 100 for any sort of workload except the most trivial cases as this removes the ability of SQL DW to distribute the queries.  

    You can read more about pricing here.

    Monday, February 8, 2016 6:39 AM