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  • I believe the early windows c++ developers were a little misguided and lacked the computer experience people have today. and that the c++ compiled only contained 1 format. which based on the intergers which did not fully have. anway.

    there is a method for the integers it is digit. if it does not have a digit format then the logic of intergers in undefined. digit is meraly the fact that the lines of the integers procede the meaning as well and they sound of saying the number.

    that is one of the main things they did not get. the working format was used and the methods of c++ were cripled and formats de evolved from computer developments. i also believe alot of the early compileds were compiled by something. because there are standard files which are not included in the compiled yet they somehow used. little files like program.file or binary.file etc. those files which make up the logic of the compiled are not really found to date. i dont know how they have got them. maybee some of the early windows had a different version or something. but there is standard files which make up the logics. which are not just files on that side. but actually contain the programs. system32 I386 does have little files in there. i believe they are just a specific "One" line for the computer computer programs. and the method i believe is blowing them up somehow however disregarding the little technologies and folders to allow the exe files a specific "one" line or whatever to run by. anyway. i believe the little files do work. with a multifile set of programs allow the files and they should be able to load in windows by default it is my opionion and i have seen things load only 1 time for a few seconds. before the runtime was taken. I have even seen the runtime load up in windows and disapear. kernel32 which is merely a little window with some opium on top. pretty neat little thing. though a runtime is only for video. and binary composite. or atleast at the level of video.

    I have been reasearching void. some of them are pretty cool. i use binary void. and only have a few for windows to see what i have loaded in the binary. stuff like that. seems like windows is evolving a little bit. and i believe there were even some upgrades in windows 7 since my binary.zip was put in system32 seems like there were a few upgrades.

    what i would like to see in windows is a new application not just the same old windows and it is pretty good right now. also insured. basically there are binary developers out there who can develop the little files for the standard and such and programs which can be developed. new program which allows software development in windows. instead of the pagefile running apps and using windows kernel and gdi32 etc. to use basic windows formats. that is real hard to do in binary especially when it wouldn't load anyway if it was hand written because of user. thats one of the ones.

    there are so many options. but nobody is going to turn windows into a program which allows software development other than windows developers nobody has. exe is so limited to use. i have discovered some info about exe it is a program on the drive which runs on another program on the drive and allows itself to be executed. it is an early "base" file which is not a standard file method. and does not really come up in any binary development i have seen. exept the file format allows for encryption etc. it could just be one they found somehow or whatever. but it is not a standard one related to program. or software. there is a zip file which loads. pretty good. because it was build in windows and it contains many files in 1 file with a zip network. winrar loads a zip file and winzip can load a zip file etc. and i think someone has a program which can load a zip even in windows a zip can be loaded now. anyway. not too many people use .rar to develop programs. but zip can be used. i wish there was a better computer program in windows because not much can come up or directory evolve windows in to using software on the computer. and there are only even a few programs out right now. its much too bad

    heres my zip file. has windows debugging other programs etc. which work without the monitor since it is fully taken by windows and network. and works int he monitor as an icon in windows. which is the recomended method but if program can load there would be rich people in the us.



    the file i wanted to talk about here is enc.file basically is a binary intergers method file which includes space in the file. probably the format used for files like c++ exe programs. but is way more advanced with the using of a binary program and using digit etc.

    Monday, March 26, 2012 6:49 PM