Unable to add Securables to a DB Role RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am having problems with a sql server 2005 database. Basic information on the setup, I have two windows user groups, admin and users. These both have logins to the sql server 2005 which are using Windows Auth. They in turn are users inside a database.

    In the database, there is one Schema that has been used to create all the data tables, stored procs. This was all done back in sql server 2000 days. Now, I have created two roles (one Admin, one Users) and want to add Securables to each of these roles.

    Essentially, the Admin will have access to all the secureables (except tables - but all stored procs) - and the Users will have access to stored procs that Get data (ie: No updates, deletes, adds).

    When I add these secureables (on the db roles properties dialog, secureables tab and check the granted checkbox for the execute) and click OK they are not saved. I go back into the properties dialog, and its all empty.

    My goal - allow access to the website to people on a windows domain, but depending on their login name (and the group they belong to) some can do database reads using stored procs, the others can actually administer the website through insert/delete/updates  statements on the database.

    I figured this would be easiest, simply add the user to a windows user group and website/db access is taken care of...

    Any reason why the secureables aren't saving to the DB?

    Ta - Leon

    Monday, July 10, 2006 8:12 AM