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  • Hi,

    CPU : AM3352 

    OS : Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Headless configuration)

    Available booting options : NandBoot, SD Boot, Ethernet bootloader

    I need to give support for

    1) remote OS image update  

    2) In worst case if OS not booting/flash corruption case i need to re-flash the image to Nand Flash without user interface.

    As our product will be installed in fields and i should run without user interface.

    Is it possible to switch between Nand bootoaler and SD bootloader without user input (from bootloader firmware)?

    Please suggest me.

    Thanks in Advance



    Saturday, January 18, 2014 11:32 AM

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  • It looks to me that you have only asked one question, and it is about your hardware - which we know very little about.  I would recommend that you ask your hardware vendor about boot choices.  

    But it wouldn't it be easier to have your bootloader (note that I did not refer to SD or Nand) be capable of looking for the OS on both SD and Nand?

    The real question is how will you know if flash is corrupt?

    Bruce Eitman (eMVP)
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    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 9:10 PM
  • Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your reply.

    You are right my post have only one question "How to switch from Nand Bootloader  to SD bootloader without user interface?".

    This is my boot sequence setting "NAND, NANDI2C, MMC0, UART0".

    By default system will boot from NAND resident boot loader, my intention is to Boot from SD card in worst cases as mentioned in above post. In SD card root folder there will be a valid image always, that will be looad to nand flash on entering SD boot.

    after loading the image from next boot should be from nand bootloader. SD boot only in worst cases.

    The real question is how will you know if flash is corrupt?

    In cases of Nand corruption (Specially OS block) definitely OS will not launch successfully. 

    In boot loader i will check the combination of current the boot-up is fresh (On power cycle) or Due to watchdog,

    and last control point (Either OS or boot loader).

    By that combination I will find the problem in launching the OS, then I will taken decision.

    I would appreciate if any more reliable way to recover from the above worst cases (without user interface).

    Thanks in Advance

    Rakesh RC

    Firmware Engineer




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