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  • I have downloaded AMP FFT library and linked it to mydialog based  MFC application.

    void CMFCAppDlg::FFT_GPU()
    	concurrency::extent<1> e(m_nFFTSize);
    	concurrency::array<float,1> inFFT(e, &(m_vFFT_In[0]), m_selected_acc.default_view);
    	concurrency::array<std::complex<float>,1> outFFT(e, m_selected_acc.default_view);
    	fft<float,1> fft_transform(e, m_selected_acc.default_view);
    	fft_transform.forward_transform(inFFT, outFFT);
    	concurrency::copy(outFFT, m_vFFT_Out.begin());

    But when I try to run it, I got error:

    What am I missing? my m_nFFTSize=1024. m_vFFT_In is initialized with square wave data.

    The error happened when I run:

    fft<float,1> fft_transform(e, m_selected_acc.default_view);

    Friday, June 21, 2013 10:04 PM


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