synchronization of depth and video frame RRS feed

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  • I'd like to store a couple of depth and video frames in two different buffers, depthBuffer[600], rgbBuffer[600].

    What I have done now is based on the SkeletalViewer project provided by the SDK.

    In the following two methods, the depth and rgb frame are stored.

    void CSkeletalViewerApp::Nui_GotDepthAlert( )
    void CSkeletalViewerApp::Nui_GotVideoAlert( )<br/>

    Question 1 : does the data in the two buffers synchronize? Can I match up the frame number of depth frame and rgb frame?


    Through checking the previous thread, it seems that the answer of question 1 is negative. So another question:


    Question 2 : is there a way to get the synchronization data? Actually, in the above thread, Eddy provided a way: "In the meantime, if frame synchronization is really essential for you, you could look into using SkeletonEngine.GetNextFrame and ImageStream.GetNextFrame methods in a polling loop (maybe on a timer) from a thread you control, such as your main UI thread.

    Can anyone explain what's a polling loop? Does it relate to the polling model, which is contrast to Event model, in the programming guide?


    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 10:39 PM


  • About your question 1, the answer is negative as you inferred.

    About question 2, yes, I was referring to the polling model in contrast to the event model, described in programming guide.


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    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 10:42 PM

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