Kinect Services exe taking 100% CPU. RRS feed

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  • Kinect services exe taking >90% CPU while processing. 

    It is i3 intel processor with internal graphics card. 

    Does external graphics card be useful for better performance ? 

    Friday, November 16, 2018 4:08 AM

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  • The recommended specs are i7 and a dedicated DX11 gpu. The higher the better.
    Saturday, November 17, 2018 11:06 AM
  • Any link or reference as to

    a) why i7 processor of x generation is required for Kinect SDK alone to show the video display.

    b) Why DX11 GPU? what is the purpose? Any C++ programming required to use it or just install without any linkage to my application to use it?

    Note: we are displaying the video stream from Kinect camera and take only shoulder joint point to calculate and overlay one image on the body of the person.

    Display is UHD 4K 42 inch TV but this should not matter I guess.

    PC has 4GB and another one has 8GB RAM with 500 Gb disk space and windows 10 pro.

    Saturday, November 17, 2018 7:33 PM
  • Here's a minimum requirements link.

    a) There's no specific generation specified as far as I know. i7 in general is considered a rather powerful chip. i5 can work depending on the rest of the hardware configuration but i3 is probably too weak.

    b) I imagine it has to do with the feature levels and capabilities of DX11 and DX11 enabled GPUs. Also the sdk processing happens mostly in the GPU. The raw data do not include Depth,Body etc. They are all generated per frame by using the raw IR frame, which is done in the GPU. The CPU side of the sdk is mostly for getting data around(sensor->GPU, KinectService to all listener apps).

    As for C++, check the SDK browser for the samples. Project properties show linkage etc. You can also use C# with WPF or C# in Unity(there is a unity package somewhere).

    As for the 4K, first off, the color feed from Kinect is 1920x1080 so it will show kinda pixelated probably in large screens. Secondly, driving a 4K display might be a bit much, along with Kinect v2 SDK for an internal card.

    That said, try them both out to be sure.But I doubt it will work without obvious signs of struggle for the system.

    Finally, the more people inside the sensor's FOV, the more work the gpu has to do. The SDK tries to track as many people as it can distinguish in its FOV(not fully tracked, just shoulders and head) and fully tracks just the 6. So if it's a kiosk app that will eventually get many people around, even more of a reason to use a beefier pc.

    Sunday, November 18, 2018 4:13 PM