SourceContext field in message trace report carries 250 2.6.0 RRS feed

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  • HI All,

    I have generated a message trace report and I am surprised to see under SourceContext field the below value:

    "myexchange.domain.com=250 2.6.0 <Host@externaldomain.COM.20201028.204127.296655.65536.1> [InternalId=37469294705361, Hostname=myexchange.domain.com] Queued mail for redundancy"

    I surfed alot and did not understand why I see 250 2.6.0 code here. This scenario is where we are receiving from Azure cloud onto our on-prem Exchange server directly. WHat does this error code mean?

    Basically, we have a situation where we have mails submitted from mainframe servers that are connected with app that is hosted on Azure and these mainframe submits mails onto our Exchange. Sometimes, users who are on our Exchange get delayed mails. So, we were digging if there is any reason for our Exchange servers to deny pickup mails immediately??

    All our queues are very healthy and so no worries there, all I could look is into Sourcecontext for any issue and this is where it is bothering me.


    Friday, October 30, 2020 7:50 AM

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