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    I have a problem with a list (Calendar) on my site where I am trying to use Standard SP2010 Content Approval.

    <xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">I booked an list item (event) on the calendar with a user who has contribute rights, then I have logged in as a user who has the same rights but also approval rights.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">I then click on the list item just created and click approve/reject and then select the approve radio button then select OK.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">I then return to the list item but Approval Status still shows as pending.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">I then try to approve the list item again by following the same process and clicking OK.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">This time however the approval status shows as Approved.</xmlns:texthelpns>

    So in summary a list item approver has to approve a new item twice before the approval status shows as Approved.

    If someone could advise where I am going wrong this would be great?



    Friday, September 2, 2011 9:07 AM


  • H Leon,

    Always approve the WF from the task list used when you associated the WF with the Library or List

    Prior to associating the OOTB WF with your Library ensure you have also setup the Versioning settings >  Require content approval for submitted items, Create major and minor (draft) versions, and Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited. When associating the OOTB Approval WF with the Library Choose to use a New List, and Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item.

    Next lets modify the default view Add the columns Approval and Approval Status.

    Now add a couple of new documents to the Library and choose Check-In and Publish a major version. Go to the Task List and Approve one of the Docs you published as a major version and then check the Library and note the values in Approval and Approval Status. Next use the drop down and approve o reject an item and note the status of Aproval and Approval status.. note the differences..

    Always approve the WF from the task list used when you associated the WF with the Library or List to maintain consistency when using WF to publish docuemnts...




    Ivan Sanders My LinkedIn Profile, My Blog, @iasanders.
    Saturday, September 3, 2011 12:05 AM