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  • Make the values accessible in C++ from defines available in C# and if they are explain how to access them. Values for things such as focal length and field of view.  Similarly for functions such as the MSR_ functions. Add in the nominal seperation such as 2.5 and 7.5 for the IR Laser, IR Sensor and RGB Sensor. If there's factory calibration values make them accessible. Just to make sure this is listed in case the thread becomes popular populate the gravity vector. Correct the skeleton to depth calculation so it doesn't warp planes into spheres and spheres into planes.

    That's oversights and bugs I've seen so far. As far as suggestions use 0x07 as the player index for the floor. You obviously identified the floor since you provide a floor clipping plane. Segment it as long as you're at it and 0x07 is an unused index. Assuming you use a point cloud fit to a plane to the points identified as the floor provide a function so we can do the same. Pass in an array of points and return an equation of a plane. A nice utility function for making use of 3D data. Along the same lines with the joint data it would be nice to have an estimate of the velocity and acceleration vectors for the joint. The skeleton data becomes much more useful with motion so track the motion over a few frames.

    Thursday, July 14, 2011 7:36 AM

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