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  • I have plans to developing my own video encoding tool, knowning that I have no previous experinces of such kind of develpment I searched that web and found out that there is many ways to start.


    I have found that (or at least this is what I think) that sticking with wmv is the most easy way to start. on other hands there was no standard SDK for xvid or the other formats, or I think that sticking with wmv will be the direct way because I'm willing to make a .Net application.


    The problem is that there is many Microsoft SDKs for media development, after some readings I have figured out that the latest SDK for encoding is Windows Media Encoder 9 Series SDK, but there is also Windows Media Format 11 SDK which said that its doing many things but I'm not sure if its provide encoding cababilities.


    There is 3rd party vendors whos providing SDKs to work with many formats besides to wmv, such LeadTools.


    The functionalities I want in my applications is:

    • Converting video files from (xvid, divx, mp4...etc) to wmv
    • Converting DVD movie to wmv
    • Playing the source video and the result video
    • Ability to manipulate the video and the sound quality (bitrate, dimintions, sound qulity..etc)
    • Ability to split the video file after and before the convertion and then remerge it.

    I thought that 3rd party SDK will sacrify some performance (The application cares alot about the performance), and there is a big chance that I'll need some low level video formation.


    So what is the SDK you suggest to start with? I need to start with some thing easy and direct, and what matrial you suggest I need to read.


    Note: The development will be on VS2005 with either VB.Net 2005 or C# 2005.


    Thanks in advanced

    Sunday, October 21, 2007 7:18 AM