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  • I'm trying to update a command line utility someone else wrote years ago so that it will compile on current versions of Azure SDK. The breaking changes are biting me, especially on ListBlobs() method of CloudBlobContainer.

    He constructed a BlobRequestOptions as follows:

    BlobRequestOptions options = new BlobRequestOptions
        UseFlatBlobListing = true,
        BlobListingDetails = BlobListingDetails.Snapshots,
        AccessCondition = AccessCondition.IfNotModifiedSince(fetchParams.EndDate),
        RetryPolicy = RetryPolicies.Retry(10, RetryPolicies.DefaultClientBackoff),
        DeleteSnapshotsOption = DeleteSnapshotsOption.None

    Obviously UseFlatBlobListing and BlobListingDetails are now just params to ListBlobs(). And I don't think I have to be concerned with DeleteSnapshotsOption now.

    But I don't see how to specify the above AccessCondition, and that is a critical parameter.

    Also, I don't know what RetryPolicies.DefaultClientBackoff used to do, and I don't see a similar name in the new RetryPolicy stuff.

    Anyone have any advice on this?

    Saturday, November 22, 2014 6:04 AM


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