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  • I'm designing a system that I would like to operate a bit like Cortana and the bing services in the following ways...

    I would like for my clients to be stateless and disconnected from time to time
    I would like my server to be monitoring a live data feed on the back end
    I would like for my clients to be able to be able to pass something (observable ?) to the server, which will then use that thing to interact with Rx and cause something to happen on the server (email me for instance)
    I would like to be able to cancel that subscription on the server when my client no longer cares

    I'm having a hard time finding patterns or demo code or even good keywords to search on in implementing this sort of service.  Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated

    See example of what I mean at around 4:30 here: Channel 9 Cortana Video 

    Thursday, November 6, 2014 1:03 AM

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