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  • I am currently trying to create a personal budget spreadsheet to help me keep up with my finanaces once I graduate from college. I want to make the process of updating it a little easier, and want to create a macro to help auto-fill some of the fields. 

    Basically what I have is a spreadsheet that has a summary of my spendings by category, and another that has my spending log. I want a macro that will scan the spending log, identify a category I select, and then take the amount and place it on the other sheet in the corresponding month.

    I guess my question is this: Where can I go to find some lessons/courses for learning VBA so that I can do this?

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015 2:58 PM

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  • VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is a great way to design tools like you described, AND you can also sell the final product through the Office Online Store. That way you can make some money to help you improve your budget.

    So how to get started? 

    1. Make sure you have the Developer item on your menu, do this by using the customized option item under file in Excel.
    2. Record a Macro, then look at the resulting VBA
    3. That gets you started, now to do more you will want to use VSTO
    4. To learn more, if you want to use older Microsoft training, since it appears that most of the training for VBA is not free, check this link: Visual Basic for Applications 2010 ,    this will answer your question specifically, but you will likely want to get into VSTO or Visual Studio Tools for Office.  Using VSTO will allow you to develop with the idea that you can offer your final product for sale in the Office App Store.  Most of the concepts in the VBA 2010 will wok in 2013, except for the parts that have been modified to simplify things, or to connect to Azure.

    Hope this helps out, and please mark this as answered if you feel it answered your question!

    VSTO, Visual Studio 2013 Community are all no cost!

    Sam Stokes

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015 3:28 PM
  • I generally use books to learn.  The best VBA books are for Excel.   I like John Walkenbach, 'Excel 2010 Power Programming with VBA'.  He may have a 2013 version.

    Pluralsight offers a few online courses.  I have taken other courses and they were reasonable.

    If you structure your data correctly (table format) you can query an Excel table using SQL.  I have found this incredibly useful for doing reports (pivot tables and graphs).  If it has a lot of data with complex relationships I would recommend looking at a database. 

    I am sure there are plenty of Excels addins to do personal finance.  Look around before you start.

    I used VSTO with C# (I like C#) several years ago for a few small projects.  Personally, I found it very cumbersome.  Maybe it is better now.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2015 9:10 PM