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  • Hi Xiao-Min Tan,

    I know I've stumbled across this thread a zillion years late, but here's why I was searching for an in-memory equivalent of SQL Server.

    I want to unit test my database access code, and my schema change scripts. To do this, I need a database sandbox. One that I can alter the schema of, and modify the data within, to my heart's content. A shared dev instance is not sufficient. I also want to drop and re-create the entire DB from scripts either between tests, or test fixtures. On the plus side, the amount of data I'd insert would be very, very, very low, and scalable performance is not a requirement (for the testing in-memory implementation).

    I'd be happy to just install SQL Server on my desktop machine. But my workplace locks down installations of SQL Server, so I can't have a personal one on my own PC, and nor will they let me have one on a server that they maintain. It is possible that there are licensing cost issues.

    I could possibly use a random existing in-memory database. But our legacy databases use stored procs, and so are coupled to SQL Server.

    I'd really value the impermanence of an in-memory implementation of SQL Server.


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  • There is no way in SQL Server to do what you are describing without installing a new instance of SQL Server.

    I would suggest, you get your company to allow you to install the Developer Edition locally.  The other possibility is to use something like VMWare Lab Manager.

    PS. I am going to split this thread as a new topic.

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