Path to process custom video network sources? RRS feed

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  • hi there,

    i´m new to MF (skipped Directshow for a new product) and i´m developing a WPF based (MediaElement was too slow) application that displays about a dozen HD videos at once. so far i can watch h264 videos from local files. however. most of those videos will be delivered via rtp/rtps from cameras or other video sources. 

    as the mediafoundation doesnt work with those source out of the box, i wanted to know what way i have to go to get them into mf?

    i´m kinda dizzy and confused. so, do i have to create my own IMFSourceResolver or just register a custom scheme and implement IMFMediaSource? the videos themselves are mjpeg , mpeg4 or h264 and work well when they are played directly from files. as i have to retrieve the videos later from another source that implements its own transport protocol, i guess the way would be the same.

    i don´t wanna waste your time with such a beginner question. however. it´d be nice if someone could give me a hint, in which direction i should go. 

    thanks in advance


    Wednesday, July 7, 2010 2:51 PM


  • For handling new RTP formats, you are correct in that you need a new IMFMediaSource.  The media source would handle parsing the data packets and supplying the media data in the form of IMFSample objects to the pipeline.  There is a Media Foundation source already registered for handling RTSP-scheme URLs, so you probably cannot use the source resolver for the new source -- so you would not need a scheme handler.  Unfortunately, the RTSP source only supports a limited number of RTP payload formats.  It definitely does not support MJPEG or MPEG4, but it might support raw H264.


    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 10:08 PM