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  • In 2009, after getting in touch with the relevant experts at Microsoft, I was told that there is no supported way to print, from a service, in .NET code.  (See final reply here)  I spoke to a guy at Redmond, who said that some people get away with using System.Printing from services, but its unsupported, it fails for many people and he spent much (all?) of is working time helping them port their code to print using unmanaged APIs.

    There were two unmanaged alternatives: GDI and XPS Print.  GDI is too much work, but XPS Print worked great, because you can easily use managed code to create the XPS, and then the unmanaged XPS Print API to print it.  But today I see that Microsoft says the XPS Print API is deprecated.  Please, Microsoft, if you're reading this, don't leave us with no way safely print from server-side code!  If XPS Print will be taken away, please replace it with some new, server-side-compatible, printing API in the .NET framework....

    John Rusk, - .NET and Agility

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