How much time does it usually take for the roaming data to sync? RRS feed

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  • In which time periode ist the roaming data updated?
    Thursday, September 5, 2013 2:25 PM


  • Here's what I wrote in Chapter 8 of my book after picking the brains of the feature team:

    • Assuming there’s network connectivity, an app’s roaming state is roamed within 30 minutes on an active machine. It’s also roamed immediately when the user logs on or locks the machine. Locking the machine is always the best way to force a sync to the cloud. Note that if the cloud service is only aware of a single device for a user (that is, for any given a Microsoft account), synchronization with the cloud service happens only about once per day. When the service is aware that the user has multiple machines, it begins synchronizing within the 30-minute period. If the app is uninstalled on all but one machine, synchronization reverts to the longer period.
    • Windows allows each app to have a “high priority” setting that will be roamed within one minute, thereby allowing apps on multiple devices to stay much more closely in sync. This one setting—which can be a composite setting—must exist in the root of your roamingSettings with the name HighPriority—that is, roamingSettings.values["HighPriority"]. That setting must also be 8K or smaller to maintain the priority. If you exceed 8K, it will roam with normal priority (and note that the setting must be a single or composite setting; a settings container with the same name will roam with normal priority). See Scenario 6 of the Application data sample for a demonstration.


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