Setting up Height Dynamically RRS feed

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    • All the DIV Tags and List Items inside the DIV are built dynamically using ng-repeat (Angular JS)
    • We are using the below code to fix the iframe height, which is working absolutely fine. But we are facing some issue in getting the height of certain tag (i.e. Body Part Height )
    • The obtained value is inconsistent (Ranging from 40px to 800px but actual height is 450px)

    adjustSize: function () {


           var contentHeight = jQuery('#announcementSwatchId').height(); - WE ARE UNABLE TO GET A CONSISTENT VALUE FOR THIS DIV TAG


     resizeMessage = '<message senderId={Sender_ID}>resize({Width}, {Height})</message>';

            resizeMessage = resizeMessage.replace("{Sender_ID}", this.senderId);


     resizeMessage = resizeMessage.replace("{Height}", contentHeight);


     resizeMessage = resizeMessage.replace("{Width}", "100%");

            window.parent.postMessage(resizeMessage, "*");


    Tuesday, February 14, 2017 7:08 AM

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