Setting the cursor position from GWES RRS feed

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  • (Running Wince 6.0 and R3)

    Hi guys I am trying to add a particular feature to a display driver and I am getting a little stuck. In a certain scenario I need to be able to restrict the mouse position to the left portion of the screen on the x coord. Meaning that if the screen resolution is 1024 x768 i can't allow the mouse position to move passed x=512.

    In my display driver cursor routine I can actually make sure that I set cursor.x to 512 if cursor.x >512. The problem is that i can move the pointer all i want in the display driver but if the OS doesn't know about it, it doesn't help since the next time the mouse is moved the OS will position it back where it thought it was supposed to be. What wince OS call can I issue to set the cursor position?


    thanks all

    Thursday, June 17, 2010 6:23 PM

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