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  • A collegue of mine gave me a large c# solution. When he runs this solution he can run debug. This is an old middle tier that uses http Post to allow a Flash front end to talk to an MS Sql database. When my collegue runs debug it goes off to some javascript/html screens and then returns him to debug inside of Visual Studio where he can use f11 to progress through the code. This is Visual Studio 2005. We have Visual Studio 2010 but I haven't tried debug on it yet. We work for a large organization that has stringent security requirements. For example to get this app to run through my client based IIS I had to explicity set read on the Global Asssemby Cache. My colleague has an older Windows XP build that has fewer security requirements. It's a large solution with 5 projects. 1 of the projects has 100's of classes. When I do a build I notice that the directory I point to from IIS for this app does not update the dll files. I have to manually copy the dll files from another project. I realize this is a pretty specialized situation. But can anyone point me to some places where I might be able to start looking for a way to get debug running for this solution? Possibly another point that might clarify the problem. When I hit "Debug' it does not switch that menu to one where there is a menu item "Stop Debugging'. It basically does the same thing whether I say "Debug" or "Start without Debugging". Currently we have the Startup Project as the url reference to run the app from a browser that you can see in the Visual Studio resources tree.

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    To debug a Web application during development

    1. If you have not already done so, set debug mode for the configuration file of application (Web.config). For more information, see Debug Mode in ASP.NET Applications. Debug mode tells ASP.NET to generate symbols for dynamically generated files and enables the debugger to attach to the ASP.NET application. (Projects created from the Web projects template will have this set automatically. For more information, see ASP.NET Web Application Template.)
    1. In Visual Studio .NET, use the <Project> Property Pages to set project properties for Web application debugging.
    1. To start debugging the Web application, choose Start from the Debug menu.
      Visual Studio .NET builds the Web application project and deploys the application and its symbol information to the Web server.
    1. Use the Debugger to set and clear breakpoints, step, and perform other debugging operations, as you would for any application. For more information, see Using the Debugger.
    1. To end the debugging session, choose Stop Debugging command on the Debug menu in Visual Studio or choose Close from the File menu in Internet Explorer.


    You may also try to debug an ASP.NET Application with the Microsoft CLR Debugger.

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