Has anyone written something to mimic multi-select in MSP standalone? RRS feed

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  • I did some searches and got zip so I figured I'd ask y'all. Has anyone written anything to produce the same results as a multi-select in MSP Standalone. I am on a job that for a lot of reasons I can't discuss can't / won't use server. Which is a bummer 'cause this is really easy with server ...

    I'm thinking I can pull it off with a user form, one custom text field to store the pick list, and one custom text field to store the multiple selections in comma delimited format, like resources show up.

    We need it to generate a list of people associated with a task who are not necesarily resources. We are already using resources and material resources. Cost is open I suppose.

    Thanks in advance!



    Monday, July 1, 2013 8:03 PM