Profiler + http://XXX/ doesn't map to a valid local website


  • I have try to use profiler in my web application. This application hosted on IIS as separate site (display After of 'Default Web Site' under Sites in IIS). OS- Windows 7. Following steps I used for created profiler instance

    1. Open application in VS2008

    2. Select menu analyze then click on 'Launch Performance Wizard' then

    select application name then

    select client as IE then

    select profiling method as Instrumnetation then next and finally

    select finish

    3. Select option 'Lunch with Profiling'

    Then it gives .net exception error as http://XXX/  doesn't map to a valid local website

    Please send solution ASAP. Thanks in advance...

    Friday, October 08, 2010 11:43 AM


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