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  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to migrate an existing TFS 2008 installation to some new hardware.

    I've been following various guides, in particular, the "How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Hardware Configuration to Another"

    I'm at the point where I'm trying to use TfsAdminUtil RenameDT NewTeamFoundationDataTierServerName

    I however, recieve the following error message:

    Verifying new selected TFS data source TFS-Store\TFSSQL.
    ERROR: TF52008: New TFS data source TFS-Store\TFSSQL failed the validity check w
    ith error DataStoreCannotBeUpgraded. Verify the TFS databases are in the databas
    e and the database is accessible.

    I followed up with a TfsDb check which came out with:

    TfsDb - Team Foundation Server Database Utility
    Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    [12:34:38.618] TFS_SERVICE_ACCOUNT is not specified.
    [12:34:38.618] TFS_REPORTING_ACCOUNT is not specified.
    [12:34:38.618] LCID property not specified. Defaulting to 1033.
    [12:34:38.618] [Server]='TFS-Store\TFSSQL'
    [12:34:38.618] [CurrentDir]='D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team
    Foundation Server\Tools'
    [12:34:38.618] [INSTANCE_PREFIX]=''
    [12:34:38.618] [SERVICE_ROLE]='TFSEXECROLE'
    [12:34:38.618] [VSTF_AS_INSTANCE]='TFS-Store\TFSSQL'
    [12:34:38.618] [VSTF_AS_DATABASE]='TfsWarehouse'
    Checking the Databases
    Checking Database TfsIntegration
    [12:34:38.650] CheckINTLcid.sql
    Checking Database TfsIntegration
    [12:34:38.806] CheckINT.sql
    [12:34:38.837] found bis
    [12:34:38.837] SchemaVersionId column exists.
    [12:34:38.837] Check Result = 7
    [12:34:38.837] TfsIntegration DataStoreIsCompatible
    Checking Database TfsVersionControl
    [12:34:38.837] CheckVC.sql
    [12:34:38.853] Check Result = 7
    [12:34:38.853] TfsVersionControl DataStoreIsCompatible
    Checking Database TfsWorkItemTracking
    [12:34:38.853] CheckWIT.sql
    [12:34:38.884] Check Result = 5
    [12:34:38.884] TfsWorkItemTracking DataStoreCannotBeUpgraded
    The data store cannot be upgraded using this version of the product.

    Now, the old TFS box was running SQL Server 2005 SP2 (9.0.3042).  The new box is running SQL Server 2008 SP1 (10.0.2531).  I did notice that the guide says "The version of SQL Server that you install must exactly match the version that was running on the old data-tier server, including service pack level, collation settings, and language edition. If the match is not exact, you might not be able to restore data."

    However, management have required that I try and use SQL 2008 SP1 regardless.

    Assuming that is the issue of why it's failing, is there anyway around it?


    Friday, June 5, 2009 2:49 AM