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  • Does Microsoft offer a parcel overlay for bing maps? If not do you have any suggestions?
    Friday, August 25, 2017 1:00 PM


  • Bing Maps does no have a parcel overlay. There is several ways to do this but first you need to find a data source. If you are in the US, many counties have a GIS website which often has an ESRI shapefile with this data. If you look around you may find a WMS service which would make things a lot easier, but I haven't come across too many that have parcel data. Once you have a data set there are two common approaches:

    1. Upload the data into the Bing Spatial Data Services, it supports ESRI shapefiles and automatically reprojects the data as needed. From there you can easily query the data into Bing Maps V8 using the Bing Spatial Data Services module and import data for an area at a time. The data for a full county likely is hundreds of megabytes if not in the gigabyte range. This is good if you want to only focus on a particular area and want fully interactive polygons.
    2. This type of situation typically falls into the "big data" category. If you want to render all parcel boundaries for a county or state at high resolution, no computer would be able to do this with vector data quickly enough to make it usable. Instead, what is commonly done is that developers rasterize (convert the data into an image) on the fly on the server and expose it as a tile layer. When this is done you can render millions of data points on the map with gigabytes of data quickly. This also means the end user downloads very little data which makes it fast loading as well. This requires a lot more development if you do this from scratch, but there are some companies that offer a service specifically for this as well. Here is an open source project that you might find useful: here is another I used to do this a lot in the past and have a bunch of old code samples kicking around somewhere, will plan to find one of them, clean it up and get it online. Here is a commercial product:

    If by chance you do find a WMS service for parcel data, you can easily add this as a tile layer in Bing Maps. Here is a code sample:

    If you are only interested in a small area look around some counties make this data available as GeoJSON files which you could potentially load into Bing Maps V8 using the GeoJSON module, assuming the file is less than hundred megabytes.

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    Friday, August 25, 2017 7:26 PM