Alternatives for Application Insight reg:


  • Hi all.. I have an existing on-prem/Cloud environment in which am running my enterprise application and I would like to implement Application Insight to capture telemetry. But I have few issues on it. Are there any alternatives to use application insights? I have two concerns here:

    1) it might not be possible to install softwares in production environment 2) restarting IISServer would pull all the sites down at least for a minutes or two. It would be great if some one can suggest alternatives of leveraging these App Insights. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Application Insights Web SDK is in-proc instrumentation. So when you enable it (add nuget) it gets deployed as part of your application and does not require IIS restart. You will get requests, exceptions and perf counters autocollection. You can also manually instrument your application to get traces, events, metrics and all other types.

    Dependency autocollection requires either framework 4.6 or StatusMonitor. StatusMonitor needs to be installed as a startup task and it will restart IIS. So your options are either use 4.6 (when cloud apps start supporting 4.6; AFAIK you can have only 4.5 on the box for cloud app right now) or manually instrument your dependencies.



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