[UWP][WACK] WACK test failing on Windows Runtime metadata validation


  • I have a C# app targeting Windows-10 desktop platform.The C# app calls into native component written in C++. My native C++ code has Visual C++ component extensions(C++/CX). 
    I am trying to run WACK test for my app & I am seeing this error:

    Error Found: The general metadata correctness test detected the following errors: The overloaded method XXX in yyy.winmd have the same number of in parameters without one that has DefaultOverloadAttribute. Exactly one method overload must have DefaultOverloadAttribute 
    Impact if not fixed: Windows store doesnt allow apps that don't pass Windows Runtime Metadata Validation. 
    How to fix: Please ensure that the compiler you are using to generate your Windows Runtime types is up to date with the Windows Runtime specifications

    This used to work fine with VS-2015 Update 2. I installed VS-2015 Update-3 today & from then I am seeing this failure. 
    The strange thing is that the overloaded method mentioned in the Error Report is not overloaded at all. 

     I have checked this MSDN page but couldnt find any solution. 

    My VS details are as follows:

    MS VS Professional 2015 
    Version 14.0.25425.01 Update 3 
    MS .NET Framework 
    Version 4.6.01038

    I couldnt find any Windows Runtime Specifications anywhere. Do I need to anything additional after installing VS Update-3 ?



    Friday, August 19, 2016 3:17 AM