SMB2 Server buffer and Client buffer RRS feed

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    1) I have a Win 7 as SMB2 client and Windows 2008 SP2 as the SMB2 server. Kindly tell me the registry settings at the server where i can see the MaxReadSize/MaxWriteSize buffer set? Can i increase this size to 1 MB?

    2) If the server is supporting 1 Mb of Read/Write buffer, how can we check if the client also supports that much of buffer? There could be some performance issues if the client doesn't support that much of buffer..correct? In SMB ver 1 , the client use to tell it's buffer size as well but i do not see it in the SMB2. Check this link -


    3) What is the relevant of cache in SMB2 transactions. I have read about many SMB2 cache related registry settings. Can you  please elaborate it and tell me what all are the registry settings? What all cache related registry setting can help in the performance improvement.?

    4) If during an SMB operation, I see the delays coming from the client, what all performance measures should i apply and think of?



    Friday, February 3, 2012 9:23 AM