Publishing Lync-enabled apps via Citrix? RRS feed

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  • We've been going back and forth on this internally, but what is the best way to publish lync-enabled Citrix published applications?  Is installing the full Lync client on every server publishing apps the best way, or is there a cleaner method to do this so that our end users are not signing in  from a new device (the citrix server serving the published app)  running Lync every time they start an application?

    It seems like if we go the easy way and install the client everywhere, we'd end up with users having many lync instances running all day long, potentialy causing messages to get lost or confused as they switch between apoplications.   Ideally every api call from the published application would route back to the end users instance of Lync running on his/her desktop



    Thursday, October 20, 2011 3:24 PM


  • You must have a running Communicator.exe process on every machine (physical or virtual) that your Lync-enabled client process is running on.  I am not as familiar with Citrix as I am with HyperV (and don't know much about published applications at all) so I cannot say how you would implement this rule on Citrix.

    • The Lync client must be able to read the local machine registry and that may preclude the publication of your app as a Citrix published application.

    If a user has signed into Lync on multiple machines (physical or virtual), any incoming conversations are routed to the most active endpoint first. Practially, user A would see conversation invitations on whatever machine they are currently active on.


    Friday, October 21, 2011 8:22 PM