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  • Hi !

    Started a tread in the other "answers microsoft forum" bur got redirected here hence they thought that this was a developer-question...

    My original Thread:


    Have a problem that appears sometimes.

    Setting up workstations at work with multiple Display-Monitors, its part of my job...

    The Actual ID that the monitors get from Windows is usually not a problem, most programs can adapt to the windows settings and everything is fine.

    BUT some of the systems we run sends commands and stuff to based on the actual number of the display, the number that appears on the screen when clicking the "identify button" in the desktop/display-settings from control-panel.

    Lets call it the HardWare-ID of the Display

    the computer, or windows remember display´s EDID and stores the monitors that has been connected in  a list ?

    If I installed the monitors/displays in correct order everything is good and works like we want it to.

    So it happens that a display brakes or switch place for some reason, or maybe a driver-upgrade resets the display-list and windows now initiates the monitors in the wrong order.

    the monitor that 1 want to have HW-ID 1 now has HW-ID 2, and everything is wrong, messages and commands now end up on the wrong display.

    We have 3 options.

    1 - Fix the display HW-ID

    2 - Re-Configure the system and all that that includes, and hope that it wont change back at the next display-switch or driver-upgrade.

    3 - re-install windows and hope that the displays get the correct ID and the continue with customer applications and so on.

    I have found out that this is being stored somewhere in REG-Edit, but cant find the correct place

    Having talked to HP, they don't support this kind of things... it must be a windows-problem, try with a clean install.....   c-mon I switched a display !!

    Tried clean driver-installs from AMD and Nvidia for the graphics cards, worked one time, until I rebooted the machine, the back to square one...

    Then they ponited at Microsoft.

    Having talked to Microsoft Support they dont support this kind of things....

    I dont have the skills, but I cant se a problem with a scrips that deletes the reg-edit EDID list after a reboot ?

    then it wouldnt be so complicated, simply:

    unplug all but the display that you wan to be number 1
    run script


    plug in display 2 and so on ?


    Hi !

    The question remains.

    Not sure you guys understand my problem, doesent seem so...

    I have the need to sweep the computers display-memory

    The Application we are using is sending the commands to to logical screen number, not primary or secondary screen.

    So It is Vital that I can decide or edit the logical numbers of the displays/screens

    It doesent help me at all to switch sides in controlpanel och swtich witch is primary screen for desktop.

    the application still sends the commands to teh logical numbers, and we dont want to reconfigure that if we changed a display that was faulty.


    I Need to disconnect displays så that I only have one connected

    sweep the display-memory that is on the computer so that the disconnect monitor becomes number 2 when I reconnect it, if I dont get this memory swiped windows remembers the display and gives it the old number again.

    can anyone help me `?

    NOT connected to any Domain.

    I realy cant understand how hard it can be to swipe the hardware ID of the displays and start over without having to to a clead install of windows !!

    Tuesday, March 3, 2015 3:29 PM