Server 2k8 R2: Remote Desktop Services Remote Control experience RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    For a company we build a terminal server farm where customers can logon to via VPN Tunnels. All works great. One customer does experience performance issues.

    We checked the mentioned server. All was fine and other customers on the same server could work just great. Also, when we remotely connected to the same server all worked fine as well.

    With these tests the following conclusions were done:

    1. The mentioned server itself works fine. No performance issues found
    2. The connection towards the TS farm was checked from 2 other locations and works fine. No slow connection on the company WAN connection.

    So far so good. This company has it's own support team to help the remote connecting customers in case of any problems. They join the TS sessions using the Remote Desktop Services Manager --> Remote Control. 

    So they did with the customer who experienced the slow performance. Once connected to the TS session they experienced the same slowness as the mentioned customer did. 

    My question now is: Does the remote support session shows exactly the same thing as the customer does experience? 

    I can't explain otherwise why the remote support session shows exactly the same slowness for this customer. All other remote support session are going well and fast.

    Hope you can confirm this RDP remote support behaviour --> You see what the connected customer is seeing, also when your connection is fast.

    Monday, May 11, 2015 8:23 AM