Going from VS 2013 'express' to a production version like Professional.. which to buy!


  • Folks, the company loves my development work (but most will be with WPF and not WinForms) and now want recommendations on buying VS for more development work.

    So I need some guidance! 

    Now the company is small. 15 people where 10 will be entering data at the most at one time on their PCs connected by a network. The whole system will be MS (including changing from PostGreSql to using MS Sql server.) This will have both conventional applications and GIS. We will have one good sever with virtualized servers on it (and a backup.)

    Just two on the development team (in fact just to running the whole IT shop. Keeps us busy.)

    So what Visual Studio version should we buy? VS 2015 Professional? Or Professional MDSN? Or Team Server?

    Do we need more bells and whistles? If so, what?

    Thanks for guidance! 

    Friday, November 13, 2015 9:57 PM


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