Working with Access Database through Windows Forms


  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm not even certain this is the appropriate place to pose questions along these lines but here it goes. I am building a Windows Forms application for tracking damages to laptops and recording them in an Access database in order to streamline our record keeping and reporting issues. Currently I have hit a roadblock in three areas,

    *Adding a new line to the top of the list or entering data in a separate form and inserting it to the top of the list

    *Automatically recording new entries in the database, so users will not need to click the save button each time to update the database

    *Displaying an error should the user fail to fill in a required field rather than force closing the Windows Forms application.

    This is my first time dealing with Access, usually I would use SQL but where I work they will not. So any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

    Monday, December 12, 2016 5:19 PM


  • Dave,

    If you had used for SQL the OleDB provider instead of SQLClient there would be for programming few difference.

    Be aware in fact does a Access DataBase not exist. It is the DataBase used by MS Office in the program MS access.

    Depending from the versions it are the called the  Jet and ACE Databases. The other difference is that it are in fact database files while sql server is a server.

    With programming is the only part which is different is the Connectionstring.

    However, for those databases is only CRUD coding and the DataSet available and not things like Linq to SQL and Entity framework.

    Here the page for the connectionstrings.


    Monday, December 12, 2016 7:23 PM