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  • When importing the below custom XML for a DLP in Exchange Online I am receiving the error: "Unable to parse the supplied file: The given XML did not contain elements required within the DLP policy. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <RulePackage xmlns="">

    <RulePack id="d2f2d2f3-a4dc-4048-9083-0e0ccb6a80cb">
    <Version build="0" major="1" minor="0" revision="0"/>
    <Publisher id="7de79ce6-12c5-4310-af17-bf47a2631ebe"/>
    <Details defaultLangCode="en-us">
    <LocalizedDetails langcode="en-us">
    <Name>IBAN and Account Numbers Custom Rule Pack</Name>
    This rule package contains the custom IBAN and Account Numbers entity.


    <Entity id="9136d333-edad-488a-885b-c50e2a93d68d" patternsProximity="300" recommendedConfidence="70">
    <Pattern confidenceLevel="90">
    <IdMatch idRef="Regex_sort_account" minCount="2"/>

    <Pattern confidenceLevel="90">
    <IdMatch idRef="Regex_IBAN" minCount="2"/>

    <Pattern confidenceLevel="90">
    <IdMatch idRef="Regex_sortcodes" minCount="2"/>

    <Regex id="Regex_sortcodes">(\d){2}[-\.-](\d){2}[-\.](\d){2}</Regex>
    <Regex id="Regex_IBAN">[A-Z]{2} ?\d{2} ?[a-zA-Z0-9]{4} ?\d{4} ?\d{2} ?\d{2} ?\d{4} ?[\d]{0,2}</Regex>
    <Regex id="Regex_sort_account">(\d){2} ?(\d){2} ?(\d){2} \d{8}</Regex>

    <Resource idRef="9136d333-edad-488a-885b-c50e2a93d68d">
    <Name default="true" langcode="en-us">IBAN and Account Numbers</Name>
    <Description default="true" langcode="en-us">
    A custom classification for detecting IBANS, account numbers and sort codes.

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