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  • I've been using HTML4 up to whatever it was before it went to HTML5 for 13 years and can program websites and do all kind of Flash, CSS, JavaScript and a host of other software apps. 

    Should I really have to go over to 3wschools and learn HTML5 and learn more JavaScript while I'm there?

    The tutorials I've been going to from being in the Windows Store Apps program aren't very good and are very hard to learn from. Does anyone know just some simple games and things that are cool because I'm almost wanting to give up but I want to learn how to make Sorftware for Desktops and not just websites. I'm very interested and it seems like whenever I have something that I want to really start getting into it's very hard but once I get it I got it.

    I would like to make  Something that is almost Windows Word from the Windows office suites and a lot of other things I've seen. I think some cool simple games would be perfect for now.



    Monday, May 20, 2013 12:08 AM


  • Hi xpertapps,

    Your experience was very enrich,and it is very helpful for you to study html5. I only provide some suggestion. I think it is necessary to overview The knowledge from 3wschools, you have a good foundation so it will not spend you too much time,and it is very usefull before see simple code.I think the technology of html5 will widely used,you don’t give up.and study a new knowledge is very interesting isn’t it.I have no existing code to you ,but I think the following address will help you.


    best regards

    Monday, May 20, 2013 9:20 AM