New schema comparison in VSTS 2013 is not working as expected as VSTS 2010


  • I use new schema comparison in VSTS 2010 all the time without any issue. But it is not working well in VSTS 2013.

    Repro Step:

    1.        Open VSTS 2013 IDE. In menu bar, choose tools->SQL Server -> New Schema Comparison
    2.        Select source (DB1 name) and select target (DB2 name)
    3.        After doing comparison, save it as a new file.
    4.        Open this file again. The source DB1 and the target DB2 already appear
    5.        Don’t do anything. Just click compare and it shows the following message.
    6.        Click Dropdown ( Select source, clear source , DB1) and  choose DB1
    7.        Click Dropdown ( Select target, clear target,  DB2) and  choose DB2
    8.        Click Compare and it shows the following message.

    From step 6 and step 7, the only thing I can do schema comparison again is to choose select source , select target and follow step 2. Actually it is not user-friendly. It means the file I saved doesn't mean anything to me.

    It is working perfectly in VSTS 2010 , but not working well in VSTS 2013. 

    Thanks, Ray Lin

    Thursday, January 09, 2014 1:38 PM


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