[EWS][2016][Exchange-Online]EWS Managed API ExtendedProperty PidLidResponseStatus gives String instead of integer like it is defined RRS feed

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  • since Exchange 2016, the extended property PidLidResponseStatus gives Strings. But it is defined as MapiPropertyType.Integer: Here is how it is defined:

    ExtendedPropertyDefinition PidLidResponseStatus = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(DefaultExtendedPropertySet.Appointment, 0x00008218, MapiPropertyType.Integer);

    Is this a Bug in Exchange EWS?

    At the Moment I am using this workaround:

     object propval = null;
     if (sourceitem.TryGetProperty(PidLidResponseStatus, out propval))
           isMeetingDeclined = (int)propval == 4; //  olResponseDeclined
        catch (InvalidCastException)
            // Bei Exchange 2016/Office 365 leider als String
            NoResponseReceived */
            isMeetingDeclined = ((String)propval == "Decline");

    Is there somebody who knows something about it? Or is there something I am doing wrong?

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  • The Bug still exists!

    Here is some more info.

    If I request the Item. It will give this response:

    <m:GetItemResponseMessage ResponseClass="Success">
          <t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="Appointment" PropertyId="33304" PropertyType="Integer" />

    instead of an integer value.

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